MG Metro


Year 1990
Mileage 1707
Colour British Racing Green Metallic
Owners 3

A once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase the best MG Metro in the UK...not our words, but the words of the MG Owners Club. If a better example exists, then no one is aware of it and it is certainly not available to purchase our opinion, there will not be a better one available...worldwide!

This truly incredible example has covered just 1707 miles from new...yes, that's thousand, seven hundred and seven miles! The car is genuinely "showroom fresh" and if you could turn the clocks back 26 years and were lucky enough to be visiting a Rover showroom to collect your new pride and joy...your new MG Metro, then this car is it.

It is completely un-messed with, un-restored, untouched and just as it left the dealership 26 years ago. It has not been detailed or altered in any is just the way it should be...original and un-molested.

First registered by Park View Garage, the official Rover dealer at the time, this stunning little car is one of the last MG Metros to be registered, just before it's replacement, the Rover Metro GTI was introduced. Purchased by an avid car enthusiast and collector, as a gift to his wife, the car was first registered on the 1st May 1990. 

Having got the car home and presented as a gift, the reception that the gent was given by his wife was..."I'm not driving a Metro!"...who knows what conversation followed, but, the fact is that the car was placed in storage and added to the gents collection. It remained there for many years and was just driven sparingly, and only when the fine weather allowed...this is evident by the cars condition underneath. Upon his death, the little MG Metro, along with other vehicles from his collection was displayed in the North Yorkshire Car Museum in Thornton Le Dale, North Yorkshire. It stayed there on display until the passing of his wife in 2012. At this point, the car formed part of the estate and the remaining family decided to sell the car collection. It was purchased by the second owner with just 632 miles on the odometer! 

Some 4 years later, this beautiful little car has covered just 1707 miles...

It is amazing that the car has remained in a completely original state of presentation. It is still on the original exhaust and metric sized tyres. Even the MG Rover breakdown/accident aid bag still remains and is complete with a warning triangle and instructions, along with the cotton gloves that are stamped with the MG logo!

We do not want to bore you with the cars description...we think that it speaks for itself. If you are wanting a Brand New MG Metro, then this car is as close as you will ever get!

Please note...the advertised price is none negotiable. If you don't like the price, then please don't enquire.